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Radio Free Skaro #307 - Here's To The Future

A new Radio Free Skaro episode!:

One of the more maligned contributors to the world of Doctor Who over the years has been musician Keff McCulloch. Responsible for the final variation of the Doctor Who theme for the classic series, “Deaf Keff” (as some have dubbed him) also provided incidental music for half of the stories in the Sylvester McCoy era. Did McCulloch’s rampant use of sampling keyboards and predilection for digital handclaps invite a torrent of scorn from The Three Who Rule? McCulloch is the subject in this episode’s Miniscope segment, and, with a bit of help from Luke from TMDWP, the Three try and delve into why they think Keff’s music is so unpopular, while trying to decipher if they themselves agree with popular opinion.

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